Additional Services

Mediation/Deposition Facilities

Having difficulties finding a location that is large enough to conduct your next mediation? Do you need a professional setting to conduct your next deposition? Our facility is large enough to take on almost any sized mediation, as well as small enough to offer a personal touch. Our friendly and professional staff will help facilitate all your needs during your use of our beautiful facilities. We can accommodate single practitioners as well as large groups with our modern and updated facilities.  With our convenient location, we also have the ability to assist you with any of your hospitality needs.

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Focus Groups

We understand the need to evaluate your cases’ particular issues, strengths, weaknesses and venue perceptions, through the use of focus groups in a moderated setting. Offutt Simmons Simonton has extensive experience in utilizing focus groups as a valuable tool in trial preparation and insight into a particular venue’s tendencies toward liability and range of awards. We can organize, recruit and facilitate your focus groups in preparation for your presentations and assist you with the subsequent discussions that will provide valuable insight into your cases’ key issues, evidence and arguments. With video and audio recording capabilities, our facility provides unique insight into the decision-making processes.

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Mock Jury Trials

Mock jury trials facilitated by Offutt Simmons Simonton, will provide an in- depth insight into how jurors will perceive key issues, case themes, arguments, evidence, and testimony, enabling you to select the jurors most likely to become your advocates. Let us facilitate the logistics for your abbreviated trial in a professional, on-site courtroom within our offices, while you and your attorneys can prepare critical arguments, alternate theories for presentation and jury instructions. With video and audio recording capabilities, our simulated trial and subsequent discussions with mock jurors, will help you to assess which arguments are most persuasive by uncovering jurors’ thought processes and tendencies. Contact us for more information.

Strategic Witness Preparation

We can help you elevate witness testimony to its highest potential! We can improve the precision and confidence of your witness’ testimony at trial and in deposition through proven exercises in communication skills and strategic recommendations. We have extensive experience assisting fact-witnesses, professionals, and experts of all types with improving the verbal and non-verbal aspects of their testimony, creating confidence and competence by tackling critical issues and emotions that can negatively impact their testimony. We empower the witness through vigorous cross-examination to ensure their capability to manage emotions at critical junctures in their testimony.

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Courtroom Rental

Whether you have an upcoming arbitration, private judging, or need to prep a client for an upcoming trial, we have a courtroom available for rental. Our courtroom can also be used for mock trials, or any other activity where there is a need to be in a courtroom setting. Please call for prices and availability.

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Conference Room Rental

We offer meeting rooms for a wide range of business needs. Whether you need in person or virtual/zoom capabilities, we have you covered. Our conference rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art presentation equipment, perfect for your next business meeting. Our rooms are fully equipped with quality furnishings, video conferencing equipment, telecom systems, and projectors as well as the tech support you need when problems arise. Our receptionists will greet your guests, while our support team will prepare your room and help everything run smoothly. When you book one of our meeting rooms, you have access to a whole range of services to help your event run effectively. Book these in advance and we’ll ensure everything is in place and ready for you to conduct a successful meeting.

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